Sunday, February 14, 2010

My holiday~~~

My holiday was fantastic because my mom visited in Australia on 11th December last year. I was very happy and enjoyed the holiday. I've missed my mom and my familysince I came to Australia so when my mom came here I was really happy. We saw "Avatar" at the cinema. Actually I could't

understand the whole thing but I could understand by following the pictures We also went sightseeing to Kiama and the Blue mountains. My mom came it was the second time but when she first arrived I was still pregnant. the I had a baby so we couldn't do much. So this time we wanted to enjoy everything.

6weeks itwasn't a long time for her to be here . When my mom left here I was very sad and miss her a lot already.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello, I'm seon and I want to tell you about something special I've got. When I was working as a professor assistant at University in Busan, some students gave it to me. Because I was supposed to leaved Korea. They said " Don't forget us "

So they gave me some perfume and a necklace. Actually , I don't like perfume or jewellery, but these ones I like and some special days I use them . So I don't want to lose them . I don't want to forget my students.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think Hurstville is a good place to live in Sydney. When I came to Australia the first time i started living in Hurstville.

Firstly, all facilities, like shops, doctors, banks, shopping centre are very close to my home. So I can enjoy everything.

For example, it has a very big shopping centre so you can enjoy shopping . And Hurstville has a big station which very frequent trains.

Secondly, Hurstville is safe. Many Chinese live here become this feel safe. I'm Korean and like Chinese people I feel different, because we are Asian people. In other suburbs we don't feel as comfortable, people can discriminate again it us. So that's why i like this area. We are all the same.

For all these reasons, I wouldn't like anywhere else in Sydney.

The city of Cairns

Cairns, is situated on the north west coast in Australia . It's in Queensland, 1700km from Brisbane, and 2500km from Sydney by road.
It's the safest tropical city in the world.
The population of Cairns is 123,760 people.
In Cairns, in summer is often wet and very humid. Most rain falls late afternoon. It's weather average in winter temperature is 24°C to 28°C and in Summer 30°C to 35°C.
Especially it's in July the coldest is minimum 16°C and it's in October to December there are frequent thunderstorms. It's a very tropical climate.
There are 25 state primary schools and a large TAFE campus. There is a very small University, whose called is James cook University .
It has 3500 students.
The main industry is tourism in winter and many people go fishing.
The popular tourist activities are in diving and river rafting.
It has good natural attractions for visitor.
First, it's very clear and warm in winter so you can enjoy excellent diving in Great Barrier Reef.
Second , its sand is white and water is very clear and clean in beautiful beaches.
So it's can be enjoy the Cairns.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

letters to the editor

The Editor

Dear sir.

Do you think smoking is good for our health?

No, it's very bad. And also you waste money and pollute our cities. If you have extra money , why don't you contribute to the well being of poor children?

Think about your family and your friends getting health problems because of passive smoking.

Don't be late, give up now!

Physical Punishment and Children

In my opinion physical punishment is not good for children.
There are a couple of reasons.

First, according to psychologists hitting children can cause slow development for children.
For example their IQ can be reduced because of punishment or children can lose their confidence easily. Once they lose their confidence often they become bullied by other children.

Secondly, hitting children can cause serious physical damage. Especially when parents are angry, they treat children quite strongly. Accidentally they can hurt children or give them serious injuries or brain damage. Sometimes it leads to death.

Thirdly, physical punishment does not work with children. If parents hit them many times, children get used to it easily. It makes children be negative. And also it makes the relationship between parents and children very bad.

As I mentioned above, physical punishment to children can cause serious physical mental and social problems.
Therefore it doesn't work properly for children.
What is good for children then ? Parents in Australia need to think again about this question.